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What Questions Will the Trustee Ask Me at My 341 Meeting of Creditors?

The most common questions at the 341 Meeting of Creditors in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases in Arizona

The 341 meeting of creditors in chapter 7 bankruptcy cases is usually very straight forward, and 95% of cases receive the "standard questioning form the bankruptcy trustee. The goal of the 341 meeting of creditors in a chapter 7 bankruptcy case, is to verify the information in the bankruptcy petition, schedules and statements under oath. The most common questions asked in Arizona cases are the following:

1. How long have you lived in Arizona?

2. Is everything true and accurate in your bankruptcy petition, schedules and statements?

3. Does it list all your assets?

4. Does it list all of your debts?

5. Did you provide all the information to your attorney to prepare filing your case?

6. Did you sign your petition?

7. Do you understand that when you signed your petition, you did so under oath?

8. Do you owe anyone any domestic support obligation?

9. Do you anticipate inheriting anything within the next 6 months?

Those are generally the "standard questions" one will receive at the 341 meeting. After these questions, if everything is in order, the trustee will finalize the meeting and ask if any creditors are present who wish to examine you. 99% of the time, there are no creditors. If there are no creditors, your meeting will be over.

After the standard questions, the trustee could need more information from you. For example, if he/she is missing documents such as a tax return or bank statement, the trustee will ask for those items. If the trustee has more questions about an asset you own, the trustee will ask more questions about it. The chapter 7 trustee's job is to recover property for creditors, so the more assets you have, the more questions you will probably get at the meeting.

The most important part of any bankruptcy case is the planning to file. As a debtor you always want to have everything in order so that the trustee is done with your case. The more work you do before you file, the smoother your case will be. That is why it is crucial to have an experienced bankruptcy attorney to prepare your case for filing.